The Sunshine Blogger Awards! 

Hey guys! 

So, I’ve been nominated for ‘The Sunshine Blogger Awards!’. I’m so excited to be in on all of this! 

I’d like to thank @simplylife77 or ‘Anna’ for nominating me for the award. I very much appreciate it all, and absolutely am thrilled with the news. 

I wasn’t too sure about where to put the questions and answers so I’ll be putting the questions in the post. 

I’m not going to be nominating anyone since I haven’t known that many people on here, so sorry beans! 

But here we go! 

 1. What’s your current obsession(s)?
A: Probably YouTube, Blink-182 and comfy hooodies.

 2. What’s something you really regret from your past? 

A: Being an absolute b**** to my mum, and not standing up for myself.

 3. If you were any food, what food would you be? (idk anymore. that was extrememly random😂😂😂)

A: Probably a mango, not sure why.

 4. If you could choose your age forever, what age would you choose and why?

A: I feel like 16 or 20 would be the best ages.

 5. Would you rather travel a century into the future or a century into the past? Why?

A: Probably into the future, too see how society has destroyed the world, and then I can see what not to do in time.

 6. What’s your favorite flavor of icecream?

A: Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough! ^-^

 7. What’s one of your biggest pet peeves?

A: People trying to squeeze their way into my friend group.

 8. If you changed your name, what would you change it to? Or would you keep you original name?

A: In my first blog I did say that Ayla wasn’t my real name. I don’t like using my real name online for privacy reason because my name is unusual. BUT, I would love to change my name to Ayla. 

 9. Unlimited money or unlimited fame/friends?

A: Unlimited money, Greece here I come! 

 10. Cats or dogs?

A: I absolutely love both animals, but I do prefer dogs!

 11. What’s your ideal weather?

A: For summer, a nice hot sunny day with no clouds in the sky, and a cool breeze once in a while. For the winter, snow galore, an open fire and I’m snug in my hoodie. 
That’s it for the questions! 

Please check out @simplylife77 and go follow her account. She posts really good blogs and she’s super sweet! 

Check out the Sunshine Awards yourself and I’ll see you all soon! 

Until next time!

Britishgirlonline, Going Offline… xxx