Boy O’ Boy!

Hey! Sorry for leaving you guys for a long time, I know, I know, I’m not the best at this whole blog thing but I am trying, I am, just give me a little time.

But I have news! So, I know I said that I wouldn’t fall for someone else and blah, blah, blah.

There’s a guy!

I know you may be thinking, ‘Ayla, how the hell have you fallen for a guy again, that is insane.’ And I agree with you, I do.

But! He’s adorable and sweet and you’ll really like him!

1. His name begins with J.

2. He’s tall, has blue eyes, blondish hair, skinny/lanky, and adorable.

3. He’s sweet and caring.

4. He always looks at me and sometimes even smiles at me.

5. He is somewhat popular, so that’s the bad thing.

6. He always bumped into me and because he’s taller than me I’d have to look up at him, and he’d always say sorry first.

7. My friend was ill, and he continuously asked if she was okay then informed the teacher. :’))

8. He barely ever smiles, and it looks so good on him. So, he should smile more.

9. I used to sit next to him in maths and I asked him a question, he turned to me, and our faces were SO close.

10. I like him, a lot, and I don’t know what to do…

I have a plan though. I am planning to get to know him better, then I can probably make a move but I’m not sure yet. I just get really flustered and shy around him so I don’t really bother to talk to.

I don’t want to just judging by his looks, because I want to know him better before I can befriend him.

So, yeah that’s that!

Also I’m moving house! I’ll show you the photos in a week or so. I have the attic room so hell yeah!

Love you guys, leave some suggestions of what I can do, in the comments.

Have you got a crush? Let me know!

If anything else happens, I’ll be sure to write! Have a greatday/night!

BritishGirlOnline, Going



BOO! Did I scare ya? Probably not.

Anyways, welcome back! So it’s currently November 4th. Bonfire night is tomorrow! Woop woop! 

So, halloween was eventful. I stayed over my friends house and we went trick or treating, she dressed up as Georgie from IT, and I went as Richie from IT. All in all, it’s was a fun night.

This guy had dressed up as Pennywise and he must’ve been 10 years old, but he got really into character and he was amazing. He looked at me and said ‘beep beep Richie!’ And that made my night!

Schools starting back in 2 days, and I have news!

I’m moving house! I’m moving across the city to some over house, obviously. It’s near my school and it’s a nice cosy house. I get to have the attic room so I’m excited.

This is obviously one of my quick life update blogs but I’ll keep it up, well I’ll try to.

See you! BritishGirlOnline, Going

Disappointment In Friends

Hello again, my name’s Ayla and boy do I have a story for you! (E d g y cover photo, I know I know.) 

So, my best friend decides to befriend a guy who’s hurt him twice…Rooky mistake! I’m not going to lie, it’s been hard not to just shout and scream about it, but it does nothing. It just makes you sad and lonely in the end.

Before I go any further, IF ANYONE IS GIVING OFF A NEGATIVE VIBE, DROP THAT HOE. Okay, back to the story.

My best friend, that I’ve known for 10 years, has dropped me for a guy he’s known for 5 months, wowie! That’s friendship for you.

I’m genuinely a nice person, I don’t freak out at people that much but if I do, there’s hell to pay! I will hurt anyone, without hesitation! I’m a very confusing girl, my actions are  unpredictable. 

But this guy actually used to be my friend, until he said he hated me beaches I didn’t particularly like his girlfriend. Then he outs a friend of mine to someone he hasn’t know for long (Outting means, telling people someone’s transgender when they don’t want other to know.) He doesn’t learn from his mistakes. 

I freaked out and full on lost my shnitzle, I gave a lot of good reason on why I was right in the argument and somehow people still think it’s my fault! The guy says he wants to be friends, but now, it’s hard to comprehend what he’ll do next! I hope people see how much of a fake person he is, I’ve tried to make them see, but no joy. 

But this is a quick brief look into it, I’ll tell you about it more soon. 

If you’re stuck in this position, don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. Being right is defiantly a good thing, take it. Use it in your power to show another what’s bad in one person, and how negative they are.

What I’ve learnt from this is, not everyone you’ve known for a long time is a friend that’ll last. Keep your head held high, don’t let anyone bring you down, and make sure you watch some ‘RIP Vines’ because they’re the absolute best, to cheer you up! 

That’s all for now, my fellow bloggers! I’ll see you all very soon, because I will be coming back! With bigger and better posts! I’ve decided to start fresh on my blog and take more time and effort into it all!

I did want to take a little break to set my mind straight on things that mattered. I have a lot going on and my heads all around the place! 

Take it easy, guys, gals and non-binary pals! 

BritishGirlOnline, Going Offline…xxx


Boy Problems!

Second Post!

So it’s been an eventful week, AND IT’S ONLY WEDNESDAY. (EDIT: Thursday now, couldn’t even finish a paragraph. YOU HAD ONE JOB AYLA!)tumblr_mztqbxhBYc1ql8z0bo4_400.gif

You know that one guy in the same class your in or you just see him roaming around school? Well, I have a bit of a crush on that kinda guy. Let’s just call him Mystery Guy for now. Now this is going to be a shocker BUT we used to be best friends, likes BEST friends. I won’t go into anything too deep but here’s the story line.

We met when we were 3-4, our mums became really close friends and we lived on the same street. We used to play and hang out EVERYDAY like I’m talking everyday. We had sleepovers, went to festivals/camping together, we were basically inseparable. Until about 5 years ago something tragic happened and he and his family moved to a different side of the city I lived in, (It’s not a huge city, but we never saw eachother again). Until about 4 months ago when I moved to a new school! Now I knew he went to this school from a friend of mine who remembered him, but I didn’t think we’d be in one of the same classes. So I sit in the next row behind him on the left side and he’s in the middle seat. So I’m close enough to admire him. But let’s get into the INTERESTING things! I’ll explain the things I’ve said to him.

Me: Hey N? Are any of those my book?


The Next Time:

Me: Hey N? Could you put the counters at the front please?

MG: Yeah, sure.

And another time we were in a different maths room since our maths room was in exams of Year 10s and 11s. So we went to a different room and I was in the front row and on the right side of the room and he was on the left side a few rows back, and all lesson we just kept glancing at eachother but said nothing. Another time we were in the computer room and there were two seats at the back next to eachother and I couldn’t find a closer one to my friend so I went to pick one of those chairs and he picked the chair beside me but he was with his friend so I just stood there wide eyed and we looked at eachother for a couple seconds and he went to another chair, I would’ve said they could have the chairs if my anxiety hadn’t taken over. We see eachother in the halls, because I’m clumsy and ALOT of people pusha and shove I ususally bump into him and say sorry about a million times. But hey, that’s just the butterflies right? But i’ll keep you updated! I’m also getting my hair done Saturday, I’m going back brown since my hair is unhealthy with all the blonde, meh whatever. Talk with you guys soon, bye!

BritishGirlOnline, till next time xx



Hi! I’m BritishGirlOnline and this is my blog, yes I know I managed to choose the same name as Zoe Sugg’s book, but honestly I had nothing else. Would you rather me be called APacketOfSkittles? I don’t think so. Anyway, I’m going to tell you a few facts ’bout me that you may want to know, if you’re reading this.

1. I don’t use my real name online, I usually go by a fake name, so I’ve decided that name will be: Ayla Defoy. Hopefully there’s no one called that but whatever. I don’t like my real name that much anyway.

2. My dream when I pass school is to become an actress or animal rescuer. From a young age I loved both those jobs, they were everything I loved, so hopefully I achieve them!

3. I spend my life on the internet, I watch YouTube, talk to internet friends, etc. I mean trying YouTube would be fun, I just don’t think I’m cut out for it, meh.

4. Memes are basically all of my feed. So I look at a lot of memes.

5. I support the LBGT+ community and I’m against racism, sexism and any kind of ism. I hate Donald Trum, you can probably tell.

6. My favourite bands and singers are Blink-182, My Chemical Romance, Twenty One Pilots, Scratch21, Melanie Martinez and Dodie Clark. I know, how original for a 13 year old.

7. I read ALOT of books. I’ve been reading a lot of books through this year and last year, it helps my sadness and anger, it takes me too a fantasy world that I adore.

8. I ADORE aesthetics, my style is more vintage and grungy, very confusing but I love it!

9. I will not be showing my face, please don’t search up my other social media cause that’s just not cool my dude.

10. Finally! I will be posting about my life events and life lessons that happen when I go through my week, ’cause my life is PRETTY eventful!

That’s it from me, speak to you soon people of the internet. Good day!

BritishGirlOnline, Gone For Now xxx