Mothers Ruin EVERYTHING!


Yes, I suck at keeping up on everything.

But let’s get into it, I have things to talk about!

I’m preforming a show! It’s called ‘Seussical The Musical’ pretty cheesy, but hey, Dr Seuss was pretty good at his story writing skills. I have auditions in a few weeks, and I have no idea what to sing. I’m thinking of singing something from ‘Dear Evan Hansen’. Honestly, I adore that musical, it’s so entertaining. Anyway, I have singing and acting auditions, SO, I have a lot to prepare for.

It’s now the summer holidays, so 6 weeks of nothing to do. I was going to go to SITC, but guess what, my mother is stubborn as hell. We got into an argument, over something little and she flipped out.

I hadn’t changed one of the pets water in 2 days and one of those days, I was at a sleepover (nothing exciting). So she screams at me and tells me:


So, she told me I can’t go. I’ve never felt so stupid, upset and angry in my life. I went to my room, cried myself to sleep and I’m going to never speak to my mum again, unless I have too. I know I’m a disappointment, you don’t have to tell me twice. About 2 years ago when Dan and Phil were preforming in my city, I asked my mum if she could get the tickets, she said yes and guess what!? SHE FORGOT TO BUY THE BLOODY TICKETS. So, I was counting on SITC to finally be the year I could meet my idols, cause YouTube is the only thing that makes me happy anymore. But no, my so called mother has crushed up and ruined everything just because she hates me, great.

I do get angry easily, I have shouted and flipped out before. I get why she dislikes me, she tells me I’m rude, mean and that I ruin everything. I’m a teenager, hormones are not fun to deal with, so what does she expect? Yes, a happy teenager, with no problems, no anger, no sadness, no anxiety, no sarcasm, NOTHING. No, I’m a teenager who has, problems, anger issues I need to work on, sadness that overflows my brain, anxiety and a crap ton of sarcasm I use, too often.

I am incredibly sorry for things I have done, I do regret it and say I’m sorry. I tell her what does make me angry and hurts me but she just makes me angry anyway. I swear it’s on purpose.

Honestly, I can’t stand the women. I went to a pride prom thing on Friday and she told me I looked underdressed and said she’ll get something out of her wardrobe, I said no it’s fine, BUT SHE GOES AHEAD AND DOES IT ANYWAY. She pulls out skirts and dresses, which I hate and when I say I hate it and I get annoyed cause she went ahead and did it, she says I’m being rude, and that she’s only trying to help when I didn’t want or need the help. Then out of the blue she says:

“You’ll regret it when I’m dead”

Like, that has nothing to do with clothes. So I argue back with, that it has nothing to do with it and so on.

In the end, I stayed with what I had on, and I wasn’t even underdressed when I got there. See, sometimes teenagers are actually right.

That’s it for now, I’ll try to convince her, probably won’t work, but it never hurt to try.

Bye friends! 🖤

– BritishGirlOnline, Going Offline xxx

Author: britishgirlonline

Hi! I'm Ayla, I started this blog for my crazy life. Join me on this ride of emotion, adventures, aesthetically pleasing photos, boy problems, friendships, books, advice, life lessons and more! Hope you stick around!

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