Finally Talking To MG!


Hello materinos!

That’s a weird starter, well! This week ahs been insane, again, it’s only Wednesday.(EDIT: OMFG GOD AYLA, AGAIN ITS LITERALLY THE NEXT WEEK, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?) But before we get into anything, there’s no news from MG! (Mystery Guy) sadly, I moved to a new maths class, BUT as I was walking with my friends, he walked past and we made eye contact. IT’S A SIGN. Hah, anyway let’s get to the real deal!

Now in England it’s been surprisingly hot since last Friday. That’s weird from England, since all it does is rain. On Saturday, I got sunburn for the first time in my life, which was weird, cause even as a child I never burnt, I only tanned, like when I was 1, I went to Greece and tanned, never burned, madness! I’ve been feeling like a walker honestly, but Escape The Night 2 is out, yas! That’s actually how I met my best friend, through ETN. But yeah, as I said in the edit part it’s the next week but there’s more news!

On Monday, my friend, let’s just call her R for now, she’s been helping me try talk to MG, but, when we were walking out of maths, she decides to say, “Hi MG!”, and I could see him look at us and smile as he walks off, and it made my heart warm up. Also he walks past my bus stop where I get on the bus to go home, SO, I could go up too him while he walks, there’s a plan for ya! WHAT A GREAT IDEA. If I had any confidence and didn’t have panic attacks.

But honestly it’s been an okay week. I mean, beside an old man fell on the bus and I was too anxious to do anything. Also this guy I despise in school was throwing stuff at my friend so, I took action and threw a bottle with a small amount of water in at him, but managed to have a great shot and hit him in the face…Whoops! I managed to make his lip bleed but he did call me and my friend fat once and has always thrown stuff at me, so he honestly deserved it.

I’ll keep you updated if I say anything to MG, and I will try not to right these blogs at night so that I fall sleep, hah.

BritishGirlOnline, Gone Offline xx

Author: britishgirlonline

Hi! I'm Ayla, I started this blog for my crazy life. Join me on this ride of emotion, adventures, aesthetically pleasing photos, boy problems, friendships, books, advice, life lessons and more! Hope you stick around!

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