Boy Problems!

Second Post!

So it’s been an eventful week, AND IT’S ONLY WEDNESDAY. (EDIT: Thursday now, couldn’t even finish a paragraph. YOU HAD ONE JOB AYLA!)tumblr_mztqbxhBYc1ql8z0bo4_400.gif

You know that one guy in the same class your in or you just see him roaming around school? Well, I have a bit of a crush on that kinda guy. Let’s just call him Mystery Guy for now. Now this is going to be a shocker BUT we used to be best friends, likes BEST friends. I won’t go into anything too deep but here’s the story line.

We met when we were 3-4, our mums became really close friends and we lived on the same street. We used to play and hang out EVERYDAY like I’m talking everyday. We had sleepovers, went to festivals/camping together, we were basically inseparable. Until about 5 years ago something tragic happened and he and his family moved to a different side of the city I lived in, (It’s not a huge city, but we never saw eachother again). Until about 4 months ago when I moved to a new school! Now I knew he went to this school from a friend of mine who remembered him, but I didn’t think we’d be in one of the same classes. So I sit in the next row behind him on the left side and he’s in the middle seat. So I’m close enough to admire him. But let’s get into the INTERESTING things! I’ll explain the things I’ve said to him.

Me: Hey N? Are any of those my book?


The Next Time:

Me: Hey N? Could you put the counters at the front please?

MG: Yeah, sure.

And another time we were in a different maths room since our maths room was in exams of Year 10s and 11s. So we went to a different room and I was in the front row and on the right side of the room and he was on the left side a few rows back, and all lesson we just kept glancing at eachother but said nothing. Another time we were in the computer room and there were two seats at the back next to eachother and I couldn’t find a closer one to my friend so I went to pick one of those chairs and he picked the chair beside me but he was with his friend so I just stood there wide eyed and we looked at eachother for a couple seconds and he went to another chair, I would’ve said they could have the chairs if my anxiety hadn’t taken over. We see eachother in the halls, because I’m clumsy and ALOT of people pusha and shove I ususally bump into him and say sorry about a million times. But hey, that’s just the butterflies right? But i’ll keep you updated! I’m also getting my hair done Saturday, I’m going back brown since my hair is unhealthy with all the blonde, meh whatever. Talk with you guys soon, bye!

BritishGirlOnline, till next time xx


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Hi! I'm Ayla, I started this blog for my crazy life. Join me on this ride of emotion, adventures, aesthetically pleasing photos, boy problems, friendships, books, advice, life lessons and more! Hope you stick around!

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