Hi! I’m BritishGirlOnline and this is my blog, yes I know I managed to choose the same name as Zoe Sugg’s book, but honestly I had nothing else. Would you rather me be called APacketOfSkittles? I don’t think so. Anyway, I’m going to tell you a few facts ’bout me that you may want to know, if you’re reading this.

1. I don’t use my real name online, I usually go by a fake name, so I’ve decided that name will be: Ayla Defoy. Hopefully there’s no one called that but whatever. I don’t like my real name that much anyway.

2. My dream when I pass school is to become an actress or animal rescuer. From a young age I loved both those jobs, they were everything I loved, so hopefully I achieve them!

3. I spend my life on the internet, I watch YouTube, talk to internet friends, etc. I mean trying YouTube would be fun, I just don’t think I’m cut out for it, meh.

4. Memes are basically all of my feed. So I look at a lot of memes.

5. I support the LBGT+ community and I’m against racism, sexism and any kind of ism. I hate Donald Trum, you can probably tell.

6. My favourite bands and singers are Blink-182, My Chemical Romance, Twenty One Pilots, Scratch21, Melanie Martinez and Dodie Clark. I know, how original for a 13 year old.

7. I read ALOT of books. I’ve been reading a lot of books through this year and last year, it helps my sadness and anger, it takes me too a fantasy world that I adore.

8. I ADORE aesthetics, my style is more vintage and grungy, very confusing but I love it!

9. I will not be showing my face, please don’t search up my other social media cause that’s just not cool my dude.

10. Finally! I will be posting about my life events and life lessons that happen when I go through my week, ’cause my life is PRETTY eventful!

That’s it from me, speak to you soon people of the internet. Good day!

BritishGirlOnline, Gone For Now xxx



Author: britishgirlonline

Hi! I'm Ayla, I started this blog for my crazy life. Join me on this ride of emotion, adventures, aesthetically pleasing photos, boy problems, friendships, books, advice, life lessons and more! Hope you stick around!

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